[News]: ‘Underwater eyes’ spot new critters in Atlantic - MSNBC

a nice cranchiid and histioteuthid in the pictures:



the comb part visible in the cranchiid must be a gill, right? What's the big white organ next to it?
Hmm, I could be wrong, but the ostracod and amphipod in that article look exactly like some of the deep-sea creatures The Blue Planet: Deep Sea, very interesting show.
I was thinking the same thing. We JUST rewatched several episodes of that huge photo expedition (culiminating in several titles within the Discovery channel) since we acquired a newer big screen TV (with the color guns properly aligned) tonight and saw these little creatures.
It appears to be in the position of the digestive gland, but also too uniform in appearance to resemble a newly ingested prey....
Monty, I think you're right about the "feather," it must be the gill structure.

Ob, does it get along well with the duck?

Most of the cranchiid pics I've seen that look like that are ID'd as Teuthowenia. I think we have one floating around here somewhere (ha) that Steve calls. T. pellucida.