newish to the forum


Aug 8, 2007

I have used the forum a number of times as there's some great info kicking about, and have been registered for a little while but have only just got around to introducing my self.

I work in a public aquarium in the U.K and keep a reef tank at home. At work I am responsible for the coral displays and coral propagation unit but I'm also very fond of cuttlefish. At the moment i am keeping a trio of unrelated bandensis at work, in my sps coral tank, with a group of fish.

And I am currently waiting on some flamboyant cuttlefish eggs to come in and also, for a future exhibit, some broadclub cuttlefish eggs too!
Welcome to Tonmo! If possible, post up some pics of the setups, they sound magnificent!

Welcome to! :welcome:

Sounds like you have an interesting job and lots to contribute to the forum!

Yes, please post your photos. As you probably know, we have the Journals and Photos Forum under Ceph Care where you can discuss and post pics of your cephs.

:welcome: I think you're the first one here to talk about broadclubs in captivity, so I'm sure we'd all love to hear what you find out about them... Thales had a metasepia at some point. Both of those species are probably best discussed over in the "exotics" forum...

I look forward to hearing about your experiences!

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