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Aug 9, 2004
Since our siblings are posting here are some pics of our guy/girl.

Lately I have been on a kick to sex the octi, so a few names he has atm are, Ollie (so sorry Nancy, Ash made me do it) Crazy Legs, and Lola if I find out he is a she.

Taken 8/27/2004
Bimacs are very hard to sex! I think you'll have to choose girl or boy, or give it a unisex name.

Very nice pics! My favorite is the first one, sitting in the shell. How long is the shell?

Ollie, huh? I don't think Ollie would mind, but it might be confusing! I liked Happy Legs before the name turned into Crazy Legs.

But whatever, you have a fine little bimac who looks quite content.

Why thank you, I am a proud father. LOL. I'll update with new pictures in less then a week he is growing so fast! When I went surfing the other day, I grabbed some clams from the water, and brought them home. When I dropped the clams into Ollie's tank he was so hungry, he ran around the tank collecting every clam he could keep a hold onto. Last count I was able to get was about 6-7 clams at a time, the rest of the day he spend hiding in a cave, eating. After finishing those he got 2 more the next day, and polished those off, that night I was able to go back to the beach and get crabs, muscles, snails, and anemone (for another tank) also got some of that see lettuce stuff for the clams and muscles and who ever else wants to munch on it. Oh and my shrimp came today, Ollie Jr. is so spoiled.

PS If anyone is ever interested I can collect live food for you if you are land locked, for a small fee and shipping of course. And or coral frags trades.
How fortunate you are to be able to collect the food yourself. I don't know if I'd feed the lady crabs (Ovalipes oscillatus) at Rockaway Beach to a pet. But they are easy to catch, aggressive enough (read: pinchy) that they will come to you. And pretty, too.


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