Love your profile "spending money and boss". :welcome: .... now have I got a deal for you .....
Hi! Guys

Ok first of all I don't know what all the codes mean, I've seen your posts and I don't have thye faintest idea of what you're talking about.:roflmao:
I feel silly for not knowing it!
Could you guys tell me what they mean?
It has to do with software and stuff like that.
Thanks for the warm welcome!
Oh, and thank you for the compliments, I love to spend money and be the boss of something!
Thank you all for helping me out.:biggrin2:
First off, :welcome: to! I hope you'll like it here...

Check out the navigation bar just below the TONMO logo, explore around and take a look at the stuff which appeals to you, there's a wealth of info here . Feel free to ask if ever in doubt :smile:
Cameo said:
Could somebody tell me what they are?
I'm stumped.

Well, since no one else has answered: a cuttlefish is a cephalopod, like squid, octopus, and nautilus. It's most similar to a squid, in that it has 8 arms and 2 longer feeding tentacles that it shoots out to grab food. It looks somewhat like this :cuttle: but there are a lot of photos and videos in the galleries here at TONMO ( for example), as well as on the web in general. Cuttles, unlike squids, have a "cuttlebone" that is filled with gas, allowing them to float in the water without having to move all the time. They are also happier in shallow water more than most squids, and they are much more suited to being kept in tanks as pets. They're also known for their remarkable camouflage abilities and visual displays of color and patterns.
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