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new to the game

One Piece

Apr 18, 2007
Hey everyone, just registered cuz I was told this was the place to find the help i was lookin for. Long story short, friend from work is going away to college in the summer and offered me his salt water tank since he wont be able to care for it anymore. He told me he kept many different types of sea life in it and the most interesting and fun was an octopus. It caught my interest and decided to look into it when he passes the tank on. My first question is, whats a good one to start with?
:welcome: to TONMO.

Bimacs are the most popular octos for keeping around here, if you have the appropriate setup. Check out the "Ceph Care Articles" at the upper left of the menu bar at the top for starters, to get a sense of what the requirements are. If you have a 55 gallon or larger tank with enough filtration, a tank-bred bimac is usually the first choice, although if you need a warmer water octo, briareus are sometimes a good choice as well.
WOW, silly me! I didn't even know one could have his own octopus at home!
Now, where I'm from we use liters not gallons and I have no idea how much a gallon is!

So please tell me; how big a tank in liters is required?!!
How much does an animal cost?!!

So cool, to own ones own octopus..! I seriously doubt that I can get one here in Denmark. Even though we once in a wile get a visit from vulgaris here in Danish waters, no one ever hits the pet marked - never!

Bwt, I'm new here, and a total architeuthis devotee ... so hallo!

Hello and welcome to One Piece and Moroteuthis.


You will not find a better resource on the web for looking after Cephs. They are pretty fussy creatures to keep and require a lot of care.

Fear Not! For you are now members of the best Cephlove community you could ever hope to find. All the experience of cephowners worldwide has been filtered into this amazing free resource. As Monty says, Ceph Care Articles are what you need, top left on the menu at the top of your page, but don't be afraid to ask questions or clarify any points.

For myself, I won't be any help at all to you as I have never owned a ceph and seem to have a complete inability to keep even a coldwater goldfish alive for anything more than six months. BUT the TONMO staff and the many fine cephowners who frequent these forums are experts in marine animal care. Even if you don't take the plunge and get y'self a ceph, you can't fail to learn something about these fascinating creatures everytime you come to this site.

So a hearty welcome to you both.

Capn Nemo

:welcome: to you both. Cap'n Nemo has given the right advice. Start by reading all the ceph care articles, then move on to the ceph care forums...you will have questions, but most of them will already have been answered, and you will be able to take advantage of all the information available in both places. You may actually find that you are more interested in raising cuttlefish after you have read everything, and I believe it would be easier for you to obtain cuttlefish in northern Europe. (Ob, Colin, Phil, correct me if I'm wrong.)
Anyway, glad both of you found us. :biggrin2:
:welcome: Moroteuthis!

Since no one has answered your units question: a gallon is a little less than 4 times as big as a liter, so, according to the handy units program I have:

Liters = Gal * 3.7854118
Gallons = Liters / 0.26417205

So the 55 gallon tanks that we recommend as the minimum for bimacs are about 208 liters.
Thank you all for the warm welcome ...
... and Monty thank you for the clear up! Big tanks Í see, very, very big tanks! :razz:
But since it just got to my attention, that one can actually keep octopuses at home, I have no plans on getting one. Though the idea is very lurcking I might add..!

My obsession is squid ... now, if one could get a squid to live in a tank, that would be a whole 'nother story indeed!
Imagine to have ones own humboldt or baby architeuthis, waaaay cool!:cool2:

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