New to the Ceph hobby


O. vulgaris
Apr 12, 2007
i have always like all kind of cephalopods, ever cince the 5th grade!! but i thought it was illegal, or you needed a marine biologists liscense to own one. well i now know any one can own one. i wanted a cuttlefish but i live in california. So i really can't cause of the inconvienece:cry: . Also im a beginner Ceph hobbyiest. Can anyone reccomend a Ceph for a begginer. also how much would i cost to get and take care of that specific Ceph. Thanks, and i am going to enjoy this hobby, i know it.:smile:
:welcome: Magikceph

Check out the ceph care articles (there's HEAPS of info!) and be prepared to a) become totally obsessed (if you're not already!) and b) be perpetually broke!

Apart from the tank (50G or larger for most octis) and it's fittings and your new buddy the biggest cost will be food. If you live near the coast you may be able to collect your own but check the fisheries regulations first, you don't want to get arrested!!!!!!


:welcome: to TONMO.

Unfortunately, there aren't really any "easy" cephs to keep. The ceph care articles at the top of the page go into some of the details, but in a nutshell, it's important to know marine aquarium keeping and have the right equipment, including a large, cycled tank, before trying to keep any ceph. That being said, bimacs, and briareus are the two most common octos kept, and bandensis is the most common cuttle for home tanks. Smaller octos are frequently shy, nocturnal, and have short lifetimes, although some folks do keep them, but they're not really "easier" than slightly larger animals.
:welcome: :welcome: read some more! There's a wealth of info here and if you don't find what you are questioning? Ask...And you will get bit by the Ceph bug.......
oh also you guys know those little ranking things under my screen name. see i am a larval mass. how do you upgrade it, and what is the best.
one last thing befoer you guys post to much. how do you subscribe to threads cause i wanna come back and not have to look this thread up every time.
The rankings upgrade automatically and are based on how many posts you've made.

When you sign in the site should come up with the forum page and you can scroll down and look at and post it whatever grabs your fancy or you can use the search (on the bar above) and look for a topic and/or author you want to look at or you can use the new posts function (my fav :biggrin2:) and see what's been going on.

You subscribe to threads by replying on them!

Re: Notifications, subscriptions and the meaning of life

Since the subscription of threads only works if you go to the "subscribed threads" link and NOT via email (notifications from this site don't work for some reason) I've found it easiest to click on the "new posts" link at the top right of the main forum page on each visit.

This way you see all new posts, and not just the ones you've subscribed to...But at least you're also not blindly wading though the entire site.

It does take a while to whittle that list down since you're new (it took me nearly a week to get it to a reasonable amount) it is worth it.

As for your rating, it changes with post count.
You can also subscribe to a thread you haven't posted to in the thread tools menu. I think automatic thread subscription is an option the "my settings" menu.

The email notifications for threads and PMs stopped working a few months ago, I think it's on Tony's "to do" list to figure out why and fix it.
TONMO is an smf board I think. There are many people having the same problem with email notifications, but there doesn't seem to be a solution. If you guys find one, please let me know! :biggrin2:
i cant find the answers i need. do i have everything right for a cuttlefish bandensis. i am going to get a tank, a filter, a skimmer, and i don't know if i need a sump or not? is there more, i have been trying to find articles but it is really hard.
Go up to the headers bar below the picture of Ollie the octopus and the Tonmo logo, you'll see lists headed articles, forums etc. In the Articles list the first one is Cepha care articles, click on that, then you will see a list of available articles, one of those is called Equipment List. There are others that will be of interest to such as "before you buy a cuttle fish" etc

that is a great site. now that i have everything on my cuttlefish spreadsheet (just a thing i make to keep track of finances),i am going to take thigns slow.

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