New to the boards, and wanted to say hi.


Dec 19, 2005
Well like the title says, I'm new to the boards. Thought it would be nice to say hello. HI! I have allways been interested in ocean creatures of all kinds, and ceph's seem to be the most interesting. On a recent trip to Galveston I saw some cuttlefish at the aquarium there and decided to see if I would be able to keep one myself.
Stumbling on this website and espeially these boards has been a great help. I have read many posts, and the articles over the last couple weeks. great info. If I decide to do this I will probably have some questions, and thise seems to be the right place for them
Thanks in advance (hope I wasnt too off topic for the cuttle care boards) :biggrin2:
Welcome, and happy cephing! There is a huge accumulation of wisdom that you can tap into here. Not only posts, but individuals that have a passion for cephs, and the sea that is incredible!
Welcome! Not a problem, but your post does best belong here in the Introduce Yourself forum. Other than that, you're definitely in the right place! :biggrin2:

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