New to the board


Dec 30, 2003
I am new to this board, but have been a longtime Octo junkie. Ever since I was a kid I have loved them, and when I truly understood just how intellegent they can be, my interest was doubled. I am a hobbyist and I am doing a lot of research before I place an Octo in my home, so I get things right the first time.

I have many questions, and will no doubt post a bit.


Andy / Android
Hi! Also a new member tonight...good way to begin a year!

I grew up in the Newport Beach area of California and somehow wound up in Minnesota. I used to have an occasional red octpus for a pet (We lived by some wonderful tide pools in Corona del Mar) and got some nasty little bites over the years.
I actually took a couple photos of a large octopus at the Mall of America's "Unserwater Adventure" tanks. And If I can upload them I would love to know what species they are.
This looks like a wonderful site and group.

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