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Jun 24, 2004
Hi Everyone-
I am interested in keeping an octopus, but I am new to this and just trying to gather information at this point. I have a couple of questions and forgive me if the information is right under my nose...this is a great site, there is a huge amount of information.
I am curious as to what kind of interactions you may have with your cephs. Does anyone have an octopus that can recognize them? I read about an octopus that liked to play with legos - any such stories?
Also, I read about the short life span of the female octopus and I am curious as to how long you may have kept an octopus.
:welcome: to TONMO Tara!

Some of us had octopi who could recognize us, and they learn to recognize feeding time if you keep it consistent.
Carol's octopus Ink used to play with a big green lego and my Pudge used to play with board game pieces.

I kept my octo for about 6 months. :)
Wow! It was Carol's octopus that I read about. I have been browsing the internet for info, so I tend to forget where I picked up bits and pieces, but it was Ink. That is so interesting!
Hi Tara,

Welcome to!

Did you find Carol's article about Ink? It's online here at Tonmo, with pics!
Cephalopod Care

Several of us had bimacs who lived around 10 months with us, and were probalby well over a year old. It's not just the females who have short lifespans - the males do, too. The Giant Pacific Octopuses found in colder water on the west coast may live 3-5 years.

Yes, our octopuses were able to recognize us and liked us to play with them - each one had different ways of playing. My bimac loved to play tug of war with the feeding stick, to play with the cleaner magnet, and liked to be rubbed under her eyes.

So you've come to the right site to learn all about octopuses!


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