new pictures of dr octavius, ive had him 1.5 months


Aug 21, 2004
here they are , let me know what you think


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i know , im finally ok happy ith my oct, he was borign doing nothign for the longest time and now he still hides alot , but i get to see him atleast 2 or 3 times a day crawling around for about 5 minutes,

5 minutes dont seem like much , but compared to the nothign he was doing thats an improvement,
maybe by another month he wont be shy anymore
What a fine looking little bimac! See, he's coming around and is less shy.

You might try turning off your actinic lights and just leaving the regular fluorescent - you octo doesn't need bright light.


hey nancy i though that actinic was su ppossed to not be as bright as regular is why i leave those on.

no the rock is marinerules rock , it looks like crap because of the flash but in reality it looks awesome espeacially when the actinics are on.

i like it this way cause im always building new rocks with caves holes ect for my octo.

best thing is i dont have to cure it , it didnt make my ph go up at all.
to be honest i have no set way of making them

but here is what i do

get a 5 gallon bucket a bag of portland type 2 cement, or at least its what i used. regular play sand. and instead of using crushed coral, I used Pea Gravel.

mixed in all the parts until it looked bumpy but had enough cement in it to hold it al together and boom.

nice nice looking rock

that is a sad rock that is in that picture, I have some nice ones.
usually when you add cement rock you are suppossed to lay it ion rainwater or tap water for a month before puttin git in your tanks, because it makes the ph rise,

however mine didnt ,
i cant say what yours will do if you make this , but my ph stayed the same and I added it 3 days after making it
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