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new pics of hex

Jan 6, 2003
Wow, thats probably one of the most beautiful colorations so far of all the octopuses on here. Very bold and mottled with the two blue eyespots, its really amazing to see. Please keep posting more pictures, cuz I can't get enough of Hex. If it's a Vulgaris, it's definately going to be fun to look at 3 ft. of beautiful skin, lol.

Based on the skin patterns Hex makes, I don't think its a Bimaculoides. It could possibly be a Vulgaris for sure based on photographs from Marinebio.org and Vulgaris have been seen with false eyespots on the sides of their mantle area. Like iv posted b4, on the Ultimate Guide: Octopus, Dr. Jean Boal shows a Vulgaris in a clear open tank. It was all grey w/ blue eyespots.

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