New octopus please help ID


Jul 23, 2006
ok, well i just got this octopus today he is SO cool and is is EXTREMELY active.. actually i was expecting him to be hiding for the first week and 2 hours after introduction (now) he is crawling EVERYWHERE!!! he is so cool.. anyway i was almost positive it is Briareus [sp?] but lets see what you guys think..


look at my last octopus o alecto name was capt. ahab she looked identicle to yours coloration and the way she positioned the arms. seems to be alot of this species appearing. mine was very active too
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wait... what species was ahab? i looked him up and they do look very much alike.... u said o alecto.. i searched that and didnt get anything (on google images).. is that the species name?
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oh... i also just realized... you said ahab had the mantle the size of a golf ball and 6" arms when she laid her eggs... but my octopus has the mantle the size of n egg and has arms at least 15" maybe even longer.. does this rule out o. alecto ???
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hmmm, the color seems to be a little inconsistent, but with arms the length of those, it sure looks like an O. Aculeatus.

when the octo gets excited/irritated, does it appear to grow bumps that look like tiny plants on it's back/arms? If not, then it is definitely not an aculeatus....but that would be my best guess with those photos.....:hmm:
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