New Movie of Ossie


Mar 14, 2006
She put on quite a show tonight. After spending an hour watching Ossie, I realize no matter my talent as a writer, words just simply cannot describe this wondrous creature.

So here's a movie to show you all. It's three minutes, and actually two movies spliced together. Enjoy!
bobwonderbuns said:
BTW, what is that in the tank, a skull or am I seeing things?

Thanks bob! It was quite fun watching her do that. Yes, that is a skull in the background. We had found this cool aquarium toy shaped like a pirate skull and since it had lots of openings and was dark inside, I was actually hoping Ossie would use it as her den, but she likes her rock much better. She does use the skull as a staging point for her attacks on unsuspecting shrimp though. :lol:

BTW, I just watched the video on my PC at work. It looks murky! I hope you all can see because when I view it through the Macs at home, it's quite clear. Let me know if it doesn't come through well because then I'll ask Tony to host it as a quicktime movie instead.

Tony, thank you very much for hosting the video. Life has been crazy here and therefore I haven't had a chance to visit Tonmo much recently.

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