New Member!!!


Oct 2, 2008
Hi everyone! My name's Sea-Aggie and I have an obsession with octopus. At the moment I don't have any, except for a dead one in a jar (don't ask, my grandpa caught it when he was a kid and gave it, along with a shark, to me). As for getting a live one anytime in the future doesn't seem plausable since I plan on moving in a year and I don't have enough time to set up a salt water tank, plus my mom wouldn't want to take care of it when I'm gone and she kind of vetoed the idea. Eventually I will have a bunch, mostly blue-ringed (my fav.), but they would be for research. I will be transfering to Texas A and M where I will be majoring in marine biology and marine engineering! I was just extremely excited to find a site where people won't think I'm wierd because I go on and on about octopus!

Anyways enough about me, talk to ya' all later,
:welcome: to TONMO

Roy (Neogonodactylus) does a lot of research work with blue-rings, which sounds like something you'd be interested in...
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