New Inklet Pictures!


Colossal Squid
Staff member
Moderator (Staff)
Nov 20, 2002
I had a brief photo op this morning! Seems like Inklet is getting more curious as to what is looming outside his tank all the time! This afternoon his new spot is a shell right in the front of the tank!!! :mrgreen:
He looks a lot different than the other octos, he seems to be staring at the camera. Cute little guy, love that shade of red in the second pic and his little ring. :smile:
The shell is 3" x 3". He's holed up in it this morning with acouple shells as his door but an eyeball stratigically placed to keep an eye on us!!! :mrgreen: Should be receiving my fiddler crab order today so hopefully there will be some alittle smaller to entice him with! He's wiped out almost all the local snails in the tank!!! Looking at Lil Pumpkin and Inklet, they're about the same size! Lil P might be just a tad bigger, but not by much!!!

Fantastic pics Carol ! tugs at the 'ol heart strings... I can't wait to get a setup again...
Temp is 68. Lil P was the size of a dime curled up, maybe smaller when he arrived. I figure he has to be maybe 5 to 6 months old now. He's been with me for 4.

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