New Inklet Pictures Again!


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
I have been getting some great shots of Inklet these past few days, I have trouble figuring out which to post!!! I have noticed my bristleworm population has discovered he's an excellent food source. There are times I look by Inklets shell and there has to be over 20 worms all in a pile eating the remains of his meal. The serpent starfish is also back to lurking by him also. Sometimes I think Inklet releases some of what he's eating just so everyone will leave him alone!

The first shot he had just grabbed one of the huge crabs I had bought.
The next, he looked like he was getting pissed off cause everyone was out to get his food. He finally retreated to his favorite shell but had a hard time fitting his meal in with him!

You're getting good pics of little Inklet! Shows his coloring very well, too.
Keep posting your Inklet pics, I always enjoy seeing them.

He has grown :mrgreen: !!! He's an eating machine!!! His mantle now is about 2 1/2 inchs, fat hefty legs, which makes me believe he may end up with size like Ollie!!!! Yesterday he was playing!!! He came to the waterline and swam to the top of a plant and swam back!! Did it more that 5 times!!! He has to squish himself into his shell!!! Even when he's in rest mode the old eyeball is watching! Last night I woke to find him plastered to the front of the tank watching Jess & I sleep!! He has been eating a fiddler crab a day! May have to go back to Lancastor today for more! Plus there's a reptile show out there also!!!


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