new IMAX 3-D film

Oct 15, 2005
Hi all!! Has anyone seen the new IMAX 3-D movie "Deep Sea" (I believe that's the name of it.) We saw it today -- it's fabulous! It's far too short (45 minutes) but very cool!! I highly recommend it!! :mrgreen:
I heard about that. The New England Aquarium was showing a private free screening for all us volunteers. I couldn't go, but I will definitely check it out.

We were supposed to go last night...but I am too dang tired from work. Sigh. Hopefully, this weekend.
Haven't seen it yet but the reviews have been very good. Isn't there an octopus in it?

There is! In fact, there are two -- a pacific red one (I call them Red Devilfish) -- that one was a teenage octo being about 50 lbs or so. The other one was considerably smaller, but still managed to get punched out by a feisty little shrimp!! Very entertaining!

If you get to see it, it's very well worth it.
it's really a cool flick! There was this one part about reef "cleaning stations" which was pretty cool too. I didn't know anything like that existed, but it makes sense.
The sole IMAX-size screen in NZ no longer shows IMAX films (having opted for new release blockbuster films instead - in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, even Deep Roy was huge!)
However, my trip to the States (this northern summer) may provide the opportunity - tentacles crossed! :wink:
I saw it last night! The narration was annoying and they included fake sound effects, but the 3D was AMAAAAAAAAAAAAZING! :bugout:

And the humboldts! Lookout!
The octo was like "ah...whatever." Was it a blue ring? had a blue ring on it...but I only saw one, and I thought the little guys had them all over the place.
I was "volunteered" to chaperone my fourth grader's classroom on a field trip and we watched this IMAX movie. They showed a bimac being outsmarted by a mantis shrimp, a GPO and some Humboldt Squid attacking the camera. Really annoying sound effects... MacGillivray-Freeman would NEVER add animal sound effects like that (They produced The Living Sea, Dolphins and Coral Reefs.). Nice footage of a right whale though...