new IMAX 3-D film

Oct 15, 2005
Hi all!! Has anyone seen the new IMAX 3-D movie "Deep Sea" (I believe that's the name of it.) We saw it today -- it's fabulous! It's far too short (45 minutes) but very cool!! I highly recommend it!! :mrgreen:
I heard about that. The New England Aquarium was showing a private free screening for all us volunteers. I couldn't go, but I will definitely check it out.

We were supposed to go last night...but I am too dang tired from work. Sigh. Hopefully, this weekend.
There is! In fact, there are two -- a pacific red one (I call them Red Devilfish) -- that one was a teenage octo being about 50 lbs or so. The other one was considerably smaller, but still managed to get punched out by a feisty little shrimp!! Very entertaining!

If you get to see it, it's very well worth it.
it's really a cool flick! There was this one part about reef "cleaning stations" which was pretty cool too. I didn't know anything like that existed, but it makes sense.
The sole IMAX-size screen in NZ no longer shows IMAX films (having opted for new release blockbuster films instead - in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, even Deep Roy was huge!)
However, my trip to the States (this northern summer) may provide the opportunity - tentacles crossed! :wink:
I saw it last night! The narration was annoying and they included fake sound effects, but the 3D was AMAAAAAAAAAAAAZING! :bugout:

And the humboldts! Lookout!
The octo was like "ah...whatever." Was it a blue ring? had a blue ring on it...but I only saw one, and I thought the little guys had them all over the place.
I was "volunteered" to chaperone my fourth grader's classroom on a field trip and we watched this IMAX movie. They showed a bimac being outsmarted by a mantis shrimp, a GPO and some Humboldt Squid attacking the camera. Really annoying sound effects... MacGillivray-Freeman would NEVER add animal sound effects like that (They produced The Living Sea, Dolphins and Coral Reefs.). Nice footage of a right whale though...
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