New guy on the block!


Oct 15, 2007
Hey everyone, i'm new to the site, getting my first ceph. in about a week from someone on this site. I'll probably be talking to each and every one of you on the site with the stupid "why in the heck did it do that" kinds of questions, so i thought it would only be proper to introduce myself. My name's Justin Thrasher, i'm a Executive chef and food services director here in West Palm Beach, Florida. I'm 26, have several reef tanks between me and my girlfriend. Cephalopods have ALWAYS interested both of us, so i broke down finally and did my fisrt set up (octopus proofing a tank is WAY more involved than i EVER would have guessed. Other than that, i'm big into anything concerning the outdoors, with a fond liking for classic cars, skating, everything to do with aquatics, cooking (obviously), guns and target shooting, and art.

I guess that about sums me up! Hope to talk to you more soon.
:welcome: to TONMO! Let us know how this goes. It sounds like you've probably found this, but just for completeness, there's a lot of info on tank setup and such in the ceph care section under the ARTICLES button at the top of the page.
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