[New Feature]: File Attachments!


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May 30, 2000
You can now upload your own file attachments to this message board, including graphics, movie files, sound files, and what have you. Just follow the instructions at the bottom of a message when you're posting a note. This works in private messages as well. Guess I'll test this feature out by way of this note... The TONMO.com logo should be attached.

Here's why this is cool: you don't need to own a Website in order to share your pictures with the TONMO.com community... you can just upload it here. Likewise, you don't have to wait for me to get around to posting your image into one of our galleries...

For now (at least), the largest file you can upload is 1500kb (updated from 500kb).

If you upload a cool picture, don't be surprised if I shoot you a private message asking you if I can add it to one of our Galleries!

Of course, the relevant TONMO.com usage guidelines apply (i.e., please don't abuse the system, and don't abuse anyone's copyrights -- you are responsible for your actions on this board).

May i suggest that it might be a really good idea to have a seperate forum for photographs???????? I think that in knowing us so well there is a lot of scope for relevant (and irrelevant) pictures for sharing!

Here's one of mine to start us off then......

Bimac in goose barnacle taken in Novemeber
Thanks for the suggestion Colin -- actually, what I'm trying to do is to make it so that when you view the topic list, you'll see an icon next to the topic title that indicates whether that thread contains any file attachments. I want to encourage file attachments to occur in their relevant places. For example, like you said, if there's a file attachment that's a joke, that would belong in Cephalofun. If it's a picture of a tank, it should go in Tank Setup, etc. Let's see how it goes!
Ok, this now works so that you can scan the topic list to see which posts have a file attachment in them. Much more convenient for finding posts with pictures, etc. in them! Thanks - -
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