New DFL is here!

I haven't been able to get to it yet!!! My machine, since its brush with death, has staunchly refused to access anything as media-heavy as Tako. :evil: But tomorrow I'm crashing with a friend and have definite designs on her PC for a little DFL fix...
Did someone say 'ulterior motive'? :cthulhu:
Hi everyone!

Nice DFL episode. Decided to give this recipe a shot for our Thanksgiving get-together. Now, I've never made any custard-based dish before, but I have to say, this was both easy and delicious. If you're a pumpkin-pie fan, you MUST give this a shot. It shouldn't take more than an hour to make, and that's including the oven time--it takes just 10-15 minutes prep time, max. Well...that's excluding the 3 hours I spent trying to find cheap ramekins (little ceramic custard dishes...Wal-Mart saved the day.) And excluding the 1 hour I spent coaxing an adorable but terrified little kitty-cat from underneath a car in the parking lot...poor little girl rode to the parking lot underneath the car on top of the underslung spare tire!!! :shock: Of course, the car owner didn't own the cat, so now I have to find 'er a home... :oops:

Anyway, if you can find ramekins and avoid cats in need of rescue, it's an excellent recipe...the chef in the family was quite impressed!


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