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New Deepwater, Unusual Squid Species

Aug 5, 2004
saw this on wired.com

anyone with more info?

Go fish: Norwegian scientists who explored the deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean say their findings — including what appear to be new species of fish and squid — could be used to protect marine ecosystems worldwide.

Researchers on the MAR-ECO expedition, which spent two months mapping the undersea ecosystem around the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, the world's largest mountain range, said they found an unexpected diversity of marine life near the sea bottom. The sea bottom had never before been studied in such detail, researchers said.

The Norwegian-led MAR-ECO — using highly advanced echo-sounders, robotic deep-sea vehicles and trawl nets — brought back more than 350 species of fish and squid. At least five, including a deep-sea angler fish and two unusual squids, seem to be new species, the expedition leader said.

- - -

Compiled by Laila Weir. AP and Reuters contributed to this report.

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