New Octopus Species


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Sep 4, 2006
Soft-bottom octopods (Cephalopoda: Octopodidae) of the southern Caribbean with the description of a new species of Macrotritopus
Jürgen Guerrero-Kommritz, Adriana Rodriguez-Bermudez 2018 (Marine Biodiversity via Springer subscription)


Three species of sand bottom octopuses (Cephalopoda) are identified from shallow waters of Taganga Bay, southern Caribbean: the known Amphioctopus burryi (Voss, 1950), one new Amphioctopus species, and one new species of long-arm octopod Macrotritopus beatrixi sp. nov. The preliminary description of the new Amphioctopus species is presented as well as some new features of A. burryi (Voss, 1950) with some ecological notes. A redescription of Macrotritopus defilippi (Verany, 1851) is given as well as the full description of M. beatrixi sp. nov. The new species M. beatrixi sp. nov. is characterized by long arms, seven to eight times the mantle length, third right arm on males hectocotylized, with 56 to 114 suckers (mean 98), ligula small (ligula length index 1–1.25), calamus medium (calamus length index 25–30), and arm autotomy present at different levels. This doubles the number of species of each genus in the Atlantic Ocean.