New Classroom Octopus


Pygmy Octopus
Oct 31, 2004
I have had the octopus a baby BIMAC for about 2 weeks. The first 2 weeks great. The last 3 days it is MIA. Is this normal? Water levels are good he is fed daily.
Please advise
Hi and welcome to! :welcome:

It's not so unusual for a young octopus to disappear for a few days. Do you have lots of amphipods in the tank for him to eat, or small crabs? Be sure he has some sort of food.

How are you keeping your bimac - how large is your tank, and do you have live rock? What kind of filtration are you using?

Yes, welcome to Tonmo! If you have any pics that might help...does it have plenty of secure hiding areas? Bright lights maybe too high? Kids banging on the tank?
New classroom bimac

The tank is 35 gallons with 45lbs of rock. Numerous hiding places. He has been eating baby clams and 2 ghost shrimp so far. Have not seen him in 7 days. Just a bit worried. He was very active prior to his daytime disappearnce. Please advise. I have been feeding him 3 baby clams a day and there seems to be plenty of extra critters in the live rock.
Please advise. where can I post pics of our new pet Alcatraz
Hi Batfish

You can post pics and tell us about Alcatraz under Ceph Care, Journals and Photos. It helps us in responding to see the pics of your octo and tanks, and we always like to see new octo pics! (You'll find Ceph Care by clicking the button above, or from the main menu on the home page.)

You can ask questions under Ceph Care, Ocotpus Care Q&A.

Probably Alcatraz is OK, he's just finding enough food on his own.


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