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new bimac

Feb 24, 2005
well after many months of no cephs ive finally gotten another... a baby captive bred bimac... i dont know how my friend got it but ordered it through the store again. its mantle is about the size of a normal toothbrushe's head so for now its being held prisoner in a critter cage in the big tank for fear of being eaten by the long lived cardnal and blenny that have been in the tank and have been octo tank mates for years. i think im gonna name it something along the lines of hercules due to a prolonged battle(until it looked up and saw how big i was) with my finger during acclimation and also because despite its size it tackled a hermit that was twice as big as it was and tried to pull it out of its shell for over 2 hours and failed just like with my finger...

ill post some pictures as soon as i get my computer up again since it crashed.:cry:

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