New Bimac?


Nov 24, 2002
I called Jack at today... and . . . NO BIMACS! :x He said he may get some in this week so I hope to have a new little buddy by this coming weekend. (How frustrating) Anyway, I just needed to get that out of my system and I'll keep Y'all posted.

What a coincidence, I just got off of the phone with Jack. Last week he emailed me and said they would get some this week, now he says it will be next week probably. He got my name and number and said he would call me when they came in. I guess if I've waited this long I can wait another week. Aaargh!
Jack just called me too! I'm ordering it tomorrow or Friday, so I'll have mine Fri or Sat too! Yipee Ki-yay!!!
ps. does Fed Ex charge the same price for Fri or Sat shipping???
not very likely....i worked (at least until a rupture achilles, after i heal i dunno) for fedex.... the sat delivery shouldnt cost more....normally it'd be included in the same price...and given that its a live animal.....i seriously doubt that they'd daly in delivering it....
cool thanks :smile:

ps does anyone else have to go through heck to post on this site lately. Usually I have to sign in twice, then it goes to the reply page and I type a reply and submit and then it takes me back to sign in, when I do this it then takes me back to the reply page and I have to type it over again. Is everyone else having to do this???
Hmm, i don't think so. Do you have cookies enabled on your browser? Sounds like you keep getting logged out, which would happen if your browser wasn't accepting cookies.

I checked with Jack at fishsupply and fedex about saturday delivery. It seems that Fedex does charge a surcharge for saturday delivery. I believe it is $15.00.

However, because I cannot be home during the day except on Saturday, I guess that it is worth the cost. Now I can't wait until saturday!!!!!
Will keep you updated.

It's getting really bad now, it's taking forever to log in. THis is my girlfriends computer and I'm not the most computer savy person, so I have no idea how to enable cookies. And this is the only forum that doesn't keep me logged in.

Lawfish- Well, I'll be at home tomorrow so I guess I'll order him today.
Hmm. Well, to enable cookies on Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE), select the following from your browser menu (the thing that says "File / Edit / etc.")

Select Tools | Internet Options and then select the Privacy tab. Click the "Default" button so your settings are at "Medium".

Is anyone else having this problem? Feel free to email me at [email protected] if it's more convenient. If there's a bug here I'll root it out, but I'll need to work with you to get details on how it's happening.

I'm sitting here waiting for him VERY IMATIENTLY! :x Tracking says he showed up in my home town and was put on truck for delivery at 8:46. It is now 11:20 and no octopus. I live 15 minutes from the airport and the guy's been cruising town for two and a half hours now. I hope he shows up in good condition. I'll let you know soon as I get it in the tank. At least for you, when they deliver on Sat. they deliver early morning.
Well its 10:00 am here and i'm anxiously awaiting the Bimac. He/she is suppossed to be here before 12:00. Arghhhhhh, hurry up Fedex!!! :x

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