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Need Skimmer!


Aug 23, 2006
Hi guys...I have some bad news. :cry:

The skimmer has officially died. I need one desperately! I was wondering if anyone had a skimmer that they could sell from a previous tank, etc. I use a 55 gallon tank and I would be willing to pay through paypal.

Please be VERY detailed with what you have.

Make an offer!
You might have too small of an audience here to find what you're looking for. You might try eBay or Reefcentral's buy/sell/trade boards.

Good luck!

I am still up for people posting what skimmers they have to sell, or even give away. I know some people have skimmers they aren't using anymore.
A needle-wheel skimmer will do a much better job than that airstone skimmer (even though it is monster-huge!). I understand cost is an issue, and even though this skimmer would get the job done (assuming the crack in it doesn't grow), I'd hold out for something a little better.

I got my skimmer (an Aqua-Medic Turboflotor 1000) body for $5 used at a LFS sale and then I got a pump for it (Oceanrunner 3700) on eBay for $35. The airstone skimmer above will cost you about $50 including shipping.


He's still healthy and eating regardless of the skimmer issue. I was just hoping someone might have a used skimmer they didn't need anymore from an extra tank. Thanks for the tips D.

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