need lots of help


Oct 24, 2006
Hi all,
I am completing a biology assignment for uni on the octopus vulgaris and am having a few problems with collecting some of the answers.
If any1 could help me and also give me site/journals/books to reference that would be great
I am after info on
How they breathe, How they digest their food, longevity and any diseases that they suffer from
Thanks heaps for this site btw, i was really stressing until i found it.
Btw the assignments due on sunday, i am always leaving things to the last minute.

hey thanks for this
just wondering am looking up the CephBase now and have found something i would like to read up on... how do u access it?
For some basic answers on octopus, you may want to consult a invertebrate zoology textbook or a book like "Octopus and Squid" by James C. Hunt. Your library should have at least some of this information...

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