Nautilus from the barn

Apr 8, 2004
Me again with a slightly beaten up Nautilus which was found by Mrs B while excavating the barn floor for some pipe laying !




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I wish Erich would excavate the fossils he has hidhen around the house somewhere. We dug up a bunch many years ago from our backyard in Ft Worth. Later, had them identified and dated by the Smithsonian. I don't remember what any of them are.
The naut had been used as infill for the clay floor when the barn was built !
Kevin, you're not wrong, went on a fossil hunt on my birthday, had picnic on the beach & after about 5 mins of the serious hunting starting, I was already two 10 inch ammonites down on her & it was 6-0 to her before I got started though I finished on a high note. Gonna go on my own if she keeps this up :mad:

But do you look as good in a bikini ???
Neat find...I shall have to look around here for some barns to dig in.

cthulhu77 said:
But do you look as good in a bikini ???

Greg, I have no idea :lol: not so cut & dried as it used to be so it would be down to the observers perspective if you get my drift. Though personally I'd look crap in comparison, though I'm convinced it's very colour dependant :yuck:

once you find a suitable looking barn, dig up the floor. Couldn't be easier.

Most excellent Nautilus there, please pass congratulations on to Mrs B. Beaten up it may be, but it's still a very nice specimen.

Are the roads literally paved in ammonoids in your part of France (La rue du ammon?) You really have turned up some great stuff recently.
cheers young Phil !
it does seem like they are, on there's been some nice Toarcien ammonites for sale which just happen to have come out of a quarry just down the road at La Jaudonniére, may have to visit it with a case of Stella for the guys !


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