Nautili snapped in French marina

Apr 8, 2004
I kid you not, the photographic proof is here for your scrutiny of 2 nauts in La Rochelle on the Atlantic coast

Aquarium entry 12 Euros adults oncessions for kids & grunters forgotten - sorry
Fantastic pic, Lord Spart. Please submit to the Gallery.

:notworth: etc
Is it my imagination or are those shells somewhat damaged and discoloured? Most pictures of Nautilus shells I've seen look smoother, these look scratched and flaky.
"Water chemistry? Stress? Both?"
You aren't making fun of the french water, now, are you???
Out of curiosity, are there many wrecks to dive on there? I have heard a lot of that port, and would love to see some above water pics too...hint..
I feel sooooooooo guilty if you didn't read my small print ! not :twisted:
La Rochelle aquarium had 4 in a large tank with 1/2 doz. horsheshoe crabs (another personal fave). The nauts were hanging about on the surface looking really bored but they were stunning none the less & they had me rooted to the spot :bugout:

Greg, my water is clear & i've no stress but thanks for your concern.

I think it was young Colin who 1st told of the shell discolouration in captivity & all 4 had it but they were still cephtastic ! :notworth:

Wrong person on the water clarity comments (that was marine bio and Um)...I thought you had seen them at the port...what small type?????? Am I blind? (if you prick us, do we not bleed?) :lol:
I couldn't figure out how you got so bloody close to some, and where the flash mark came from...thanks for making it clear to us simple folks here in the states... :biggrin2:

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