Mystery squid 1

Steve O'Shea

TONMO Supporter
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Nov 19, 2002
Anyone want to tell me what squid this came from :biggrin2:

It's a hook taken from one of the arms.

.....more to be revealed .... soon

Nope, not the colossal squid I'm afraid (this particular hook is at least twice the length of those on the colossal squid :goofysca: ).

Should be published ~ August 2003 (is 'in press' right now); it's used for something pretty horrible. :yuck:

You'll probably hear about it when it's finally out.
..... getting colder :mrgreen:

This thing (both hook and squid) are without parallel - pretty sensational find in fact. There are quite a number of 'giant' squid out there :tentacle:

I just popped up for a look and what do I find? Dr O has found a big hook!

How big is the hook Dr O? And can you give us a clue as to how big the giant killer squid is that had this thing attached to it's arm???
is it used by Halpoteuthis ferox as a bottle opener?

as for a real guess, is it used in some kinky mating activity?

:cthulhu: :heart: :beer:
Seriously: Is there any point in us guessing? If this is a new species then we'll never get it! :shock:

Silly: Is this a Sperm Whale toothpick?
Quite correct (he says safe and secure in an office in the southern hemisphere, pulling faces 8) ). This has come from a squid that is not supposed to have hooks (it is quite a well-known squid, in that it was described in ..... hmmmmmm ...... don't want to give anything away ..... quite a long time ago). Ja, it's pretty bizarre!

..... but you want to see what we found out in Tasmania :goofysca:
Looks like GeoffC found that periscope somewhere in the Internet ether, good find! I'll add it to the smilies list, along with a few others I've been meaning to add...
GeoffC sure did stumble on a good one there. I just took a wee squiz at your profile there Geoff, noting you're an archaeologist, with interests in paleontology and natural history (there was a third interest there I recall but I'm getting old and forgetful). Pretty cool. Ever found any squid beaks, gladius or hooks at any midden site/dig, or are you familiar with any such finds?

Might be a subject worthy of discussion.

It may be non-ceph but tell please us all about your elephant bone you found in a 13th century pit in Chester (UK). Elephants were unknown in the UK then, obviously.

Perhaps best do this on another topic though; I don't really want to sidetrack this interesting discussion.

(We studied archaeology together, me and Geoff, and have dug on a few of the same sites together).
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