My Octopus!!!


Blue Ring
Nov 8, 2004
got my octopus few days ago, a small one. Amazingly it has not ink my tank yet so far even when it first arrived. but the thing is I usually only get to see it at night and of cos feeding have to be done at night too, sometimes I got to wait for it to come out from among the rocks before I could even feed it but still it has been eating.It is now living with a few fishes and they seem ok so far as neither of them have attack each other and maybe cos my octopus is samml that is why it is not eating or attacking my fishes which is of cos good. thats bout it but there is more to say bout my oct so should be editing on this soon. :biggrin2:

Thanks for telling us about your octopus. Do you know what species it is?

Glad to hear it's doing well! Look forward to your future reports - maybe some photos, too?

I don't really noe wat species it is yet cos I can't really see it all the time and because of this I also can't take any photos of it, but anyway I will try to identify wat species it is and take some photos of it too.

I'm from Singapore too. I went to Ginza Plaza yesterday after reading your postings to look at the kind of octopus they have there, but sadly, there isn't any around yesterday. However, there a cuttlefish there, about 2 inches in size and it was feeding when I was there. It sure is cute. If not for having to take care of all the octopus eggs, I'll definitely get it. I heard cuttlefish and octopus can live together. I hope I'm not wrong!

How's your octopus doing? What type of food are you feeding it? Any shots yet?


you went to ginza? that is great.
ya currently I am feeding my octopus shrimps and sorry I don't have any shots of my oct yet.
Yep, they get along great. the bigger eats the smaller... :shock:
Is there a chance you could post some photos of the fishmarket there? I am dying of curiousity over here!!!!!!!!
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