my octo wont eat

thats what i tried to feed him this evening.ammonia is a little high,im going to do a water change now.he is a little on the white side, but every time i see him he's on a white rock.
the ammonia, might be the cause so i would do some daily water changes for a week maybe two until its back to normal. Juts wondering, what size tank do you have? and how much live rock?
it might just be the shock from the octo since they create a lot of waste, and hopefully it will go away once the tank adjusts but i would still suggest to do water changes until it is better.
What was your ammonia at? What kind of octo and how big? His behavior could be related to senescence, though it could also be water quality related. Keep offering a variety of LIVE foods, once he starts eating you can try frozen. Offer the food with a feeding stick or with your hand and make sure your octopus sees it and recognizes it as food. I hope he makes it.

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