my octo thinks hes a cuttle

Feb 24, 2005
this morning i was feeding kashmir in the usual manner which is making him come to the surface to take fiddler crabs out of my hand and for some reason he wouldnt do it this morning. instead he just started hovering in the tank just like a squid or a cuttle... so i dropped the crabs in and no lie just like a cuttle fish swam towards it and shot out two of the tenticles and caught the crabs one after another in mid fall!!!! has anyone elses bimac done this? i hope this becomes a habit cause its pretty damn cool!
Sounds like he wants to catch them rather than just taking them from you hand! I would hand my bimac "dead" food (like thawed frozen shrimp) - actually, I used a feeding stick. But the live food I dropped into the tank or in front of her so that she could catch them.

Very cool! Octopus enrichment! Mine would swim to meet the food as it was falling down from the top, but never hovered! Very cool!

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