my octo pics


Feb 23, 2004
hi everyone, sorry i haven't posted these sooner just been real busy. i got the little fella or shela? in june and still haven't come up with a name :bugout: but the last two afternoons he's been out and about so i got the digital camara out and here what i got. let me know what ya think.
rpk said:
sorry, can't seem to get the pictures to attach? if someone can give me a hand i'd appreciate it.

When posting, click on the "add an attachment" box below the text box (where you type stuff), page will reload and you will get two more boxes. First for filename (and browse to find it) and second for adding any comments...

hope that helps...

TPOTH may need to resize the file if it's too large to upload. I usually resize mine to 1000 or smaller, so they don't take so much time to load!

Looking forward to your pics!!

sorry my pictures are to big to attach, and i can't reduce them. so i'll have to take some more at a smaller size and will post again. sorry.

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