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My octo is dead :/


Jan 11, 2008
my octopus died this morning, last night he was swimming around wierd like twitching, and since i got him tuesday hes legs have been curling alot and hes always been like trying to turn himself inside out and he died this morning :goodbye:
Sorry about your octopus.

You need to do water tests and also make sure there is no copper or other metals in the tank - I would suspect water quality from the behavior.

How long has your tank cycled? Are you using any chemicals?
Is it a used tank, perhaps freshwater? IF so, was copper ever used as a treatment?

Is's important you try to find out why your octo died before you put anything else in the tank.

ya the tank has been cycled since july 24th 2007 and the specs of the tank are fine exept for nitrate went from 0 last night to 20 right now. he has been dead for a while, he mustve died last night while i went to bed and he was stiff this morning. theres no copper in the tank at all and im going to do a 10 gallon water change.
i saw him take the krill and he put it under where his beak is and when i lifted up the rock were his cave was to get him out of the tank, i saw a couple pieces of krill. :/
It is possible that your octopus died from the stress of capture, shipping or collection and that it had nothing to do with your system. It is also possible that the octopus was already near the end of its life and the stress of being shipped and introduced into a new system hastened the end of its life. Sorry :cry:
ya cuttlegirl thats what i thought too, the second i saw him in the bag and was acclimating him with the drip, he was gray/white and his legs were curling really wierd and i thought he was old :/
i recently had a puffer fish come to me that was all but dead on arrival. after i took great care setting it up and acclimating it but it just sat at the bottom of the tank gasping, apparently unable to move and died later that night. Even if you didnt do anything wrong, i know it's really hard to watch an animal die under your care and feel like you must be doing something wrong.

just be really scrupulous about checking every parameter and make sure everything has been and remains where it should be before giving it another go, and try not to let it get you down.

being transported is a rough gig and more often than we'd like it kills our animals. Do you keep a logbook of parameters? that can help reassure you that everything is stable and regulated

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