My new Cuttle!!!


Blue Ring
Nov 8, 2004
hi everyone,
got a new cuttle today, was so happy because it is already feeding on the first day when it got here, and wasn't inking my tank. will get a photo of it soon... so keep checking thanks!!! :biggrin2:
the photos are difficult to get for now cos my cuttlle is still new and usually would hide in places where it is difficult to get it's photo so maybe it would start coming out more often after a few days then I would be able to get a photo of it. :biggrin2:
got the photos at last!!! here is the photo of my cuttle while it is swimming anyone can identify what speices it is for me? Thanks!!! :biggrin2:
Hey, that is a neat cuttle !!!! Looks very happy too...have no clue as to what species though...
thanks for all the nice and fast reply, and thanks for identifying my cuttle by the way has anyone got a hyper cuttle who likes to swim round of the tank?
Looks good Panzz

make sure you keep us up to date with how your cuttle adapts to life with you :smile:

sure! today my cuttle found a hiding place and dug a hole and sat there waiting for its food to come by sometimes it really gets lazy or it would sometimes bust into craziness and go all over the tank and it likes playing hide and seek, would change its position when you find him sometimes :biggrin2: [/b]
today is a very sad and very angry day :frown: :x , as you all may have guessed my cuttle just died out of a sudden!!! no idea why??? it just died it was doing well even from the start I got it but just died this morning I woke up, I have checked it there was no wounds on it or any parasites that might have be on it nothing was damage but it is just dead really sad and angry trying to find the reason for its death... maybe would try another one next time.
Very sorry that your cuttle died. :frown: It was doing so well, too. They're difficult pets to keep and it's sad to lose one.

Did you also check the water parameters?

hi panzz

sorry that you had such sad news

They do seem to be really tricky to aclimatise and keep well in captivity. It was probably nothing you did wrong, but worth checking water quality all the same

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