My New Baby is here!

Jul 31, 2006
Hello all! My baby octo came today and all is well! I am not sure if its a he or a she. But we'll call it a him for now. He has all of his tentacles but one or two of them are a little shorter. He didnt ink at all with acclimation. After putting him in the tank we offered him some peeled shrimp hand fed. He took a bit to investigate it but then decided he would just nibble a few times. He then carried it with him into a rock he went into and shortly afterward nicely placed it back out on the sand. He stayed out for quite awhile, I was surprised. I have pictures and if I can figure out how to attach them I will. Now time to work on the name... still..... I will keep you posted on my new journey into octo-momhood!:grad:


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Looks like a young briareus from the colours and shape of the webbing.

Nice octopus.

Just remember to take out any uneaten bits of shrimps and keep a close eye on water parameters for the first couple of weeks especially ammonia, nitrite and see what the pH is doing.

Alas, for whatever reason he didnt fare well through the night. The water parameters were all good and I removed the uneaten shrimp. He did well for the first twelve hours but then when we got up this morning we found him, obviously dead. He must have been too stressed from the shipping....We will have to be more careful about how we get the next one, If we can find one again. He was a braireus. :(
So sorry to hear...Sometimes they just can't handle the stress of shipping and such. Hope you will try again. Over the years I too have had babies that just didn't make it past that 24-48 hour period.


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