My latest ceph

Jan 1, 2008
Just thought I would share some pics of my latest dwarf octopus ",Octopus joubini" named - "OZZY" he has got to be the most friendly one I have had yet. as soon as you come close to the tank it does not matter were he is he ends up right in front of you at the glass and loves the camera, lol I believe he can see his reflection in the lense cause he dances for the camera sometimes, lol maybe little agression as well, but has only inked in the tank first day placed him in but not much just a warning shot.











The tank he is in is a holding tank have used a few times to temperarly hold smaller Octopuses until I get an open tank on my invert system. This one is kept at my home for observation purposes. This makes six dwarfs now the oldest being 2.5 years and still going strong, and One Blue Ring who has passed on after 8 months, this being my first.

What a nice looking octopus, but why do you think it's a joubini?
It doesn't look much like the photos of joubini I've seen.

So how large is Ozzy - mantle length and leg length?

I can't actually gaurantee he is a joubini really thats just what he came in as from the wholesaler.

Leg length is about 6" so he is still small, but fairly large compared to any of the dwarfs I have.

Unforntunatly in this day and age depending on were you get your Cephs from they don't always come in with the proper names attached to them, as far as i can tell all my Octopuses are the same except for my blue ring of coarse. all come from the same wholesaler. if someone has the ability to judge a species by looks and actions please let me know as my Ceph knowledge is limited in some areas, lol and from what i have read already in othere areas or your forums, we have some VERY knowledgable members here.

Well, if you want an i.d. a little quicker there is an i.d. my octo section in the forum. Just post some pics and info there and everyone thats qualified will get back to you.
Sometimes it's possible to get the attention of some of the busier ID experts by posting pics in the "ID requests" forum-- I've noticed Roy and Mucktopus seem to respond more to posts there, in particular.

According to Norman, O. joubini only has "arms to 9cm" so 6" arms might rule it out on size, unless you meant tip-to-tip and Norman meant mouth-to-tip.
Ya, I don't know why. I will be contacting their admin pretty soon to find out, it has been this way for awhile.
Neogonodactylus;107445 said:
It is not Ocotpus joubini. It looks a lot more like Abdopus from the Indo-Pacific.

er, nevermind on my earlier "I'm not sure Roy reads this section" I guess... :smile:
I think I know why - Ceph Base belongs to the NRCC and they are moving from the University of Texas Medical Branch to Moody Gardens (they have a lot of their own funding). It's a big effort to move (many months and lots of big tanks and equipment) and I imagine Ceph Base is affected, too. I need to phone about some other things, so I'll see what I can find out about Ceph Base.

Thanks, their email is down so I don't know. They are probably moving their servers, which I am very familiar with.

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