my hummelincki layed eggs!!!!!!


Feb 2, 2008
hey everyone my hummelincki layed eggs 2 days ago. her name is taco. the only bad thing is that hummelincki is a small egg layer. what can i do to give the babies the best chance to survive? please help!!!!!!!


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There isn't much hope for them. Mucktopus posted an article about lab culturing O. Vulgaris, you can try to find that post on these boards somewhere. They need to be somewhere with water movement, no where to get sucked into, and sufficient food. There is a chance that the eggs are not even fertile.
fishkid6692;110948 said:
i know it's almost impossible but how can i give them the best chance?

If the eggs are fertile then being absolutely honest with a small egg species the best thing you can do is let them go if you're near the sea and near an area where they would normally be found. As this is a Caribbean species you can't release them where you are (I'm in NZ but I'm fairly sure Connecticut doesn't have a Caribbean climate :biggrin2:) you can try with small zooplankton, perhaps cyclop-eeze, copepods, very tiny amphipods and so on. But don't be too surprised or upset if you lose them all. They are hard for labs and aquariums to raise never mind folks at home. Even big egg species are a lot of work, so much so that we almost always release any we get as it takes too much staff time to raise them (our last ones were infertile anyway :sad:).

still not eating.

i tried some shrimp today to get taco to eat but she refused it. but i saw her reach outside her den and pull 2-3 more shells over the den opening.

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