Blue Ring
Dec 12, 2004
Hello,My name is Mike and I have just purchased my first octopus. I have been keeping a 220 gallon reef for a few years now and just recently set up a 600 gallon shark tank.I have been interested in having an octopus for some time now and have had a 90 gallon corner bow front set up just begging for one,and then one day my friend from the lfs called and said he had just received a Briareus and I told him I wanted it.So now 2 weeks later I brought it home just 5 hours ago and have spent most of the night sitting in the dark just watching it.I AM HOOKED...........Will get some pics up after he or she(don't know how to tell yet) gets settled in.
Well, welcome to Tonmo ! :welcome:
sounds like quite the setup, can hardly wait to see some pics! Yep, once you have an octo, everything else just seems pale in comparison...
Welcome from me also!!! That is one octo I haven't had the pleasure to experience yet....Can hardly wait for the pics!

Hi Mike and welcome to!

Congratulations on your new octopus. O. briareus is a lovely octo. You can use red moonlights or a red flashlight to view your briareus in the dark because they can't detect the red light. I have also seen adult briareus that have learned to be day active.

Where did you get your briareus, and have you named it yet?

And please don't forget to enter your octo and tank in our Octo Database (click on the button above).


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