My Day Octo

There's a coral banded shrimp and skarlet cleaner shrimp that are his roommates. He doesn't seem interest in them at all. The CB shrimp I caught, the skarlet was given to me. I know they may get eaten, but so far (6 weeks) they seem okay with one another.

He eats live crab and jumbo frozen shrimp. The crab I catch once a week, it's the most fun to watch him eat, but a real pain to clean up the scraps. The shrimp I always put in a bubble gum tape container so he has to work (about 12 seconds) to get it.
I'm confused - you mean that your day octo didn't eat the cleaner shrimp? You said that the photo showed him about to pounce on the shrimp.

Nice octopus!

I meant the cleaner was about to pounce on the octo. He seems to really want to clean the octo, but the feeling is definitely not mutual. Here's a picture of him reaching up for a snack.

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