:( my cuttlefish met his demise

Feb 25, 2003
While cleaning my screens on my tank, the little guy
escaped down the overflow and met mister skimmer pump.

While now I know to turn off the pumps while cleaning the screens,
I had to learn the hard way. (I should have know that anyway)

though this is an unfortunate event, I have gotten the "bug" and
rushed out to improve my overflows

(and order an octo from the LFS up the street)
I only had him 1 week.

a little guy, only about 1.5" mantle length

he was just starting to come out when people were in the room.

hopefully, I can get an octo and start over.

I don't think I'm ready for another cuttle yet.
mabey next year
Bummer...yeah , that is all you can do...just not repeat the same mistake twice or thrice...how many times do I look back on what has been done and just shake my head??? Lots.
Sorry about the cuttle...hope the octo works better for you!
Well, it's getting a little easier to live with myself on the next day.

I couldn't sleep,
I just kept thinking about how to make a better sump design.
Perhaps I see a weekend full of fun with acrylic.

thanks for all the replys
Well, perhaps you could send in some pics of your new design, so at least to help us avoid the same disaster. (me especially...trying to talk my wife into a cuttle)
Have fun with the acrylic!
OK, got a working sketch

I think it should be about 20 gal refugium
and a 10-15 gal sump

I've added screens to the tank and screens will be between the
refugium and sump
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