Mullos- just beginning


Dec 26, 2004
Hi everyone from Wadalba- NSW- Australia
Wadalba is aboriginal for 'view of many waters' and from a nearby hill we can see the ocean and lakes systems around Wyong.
Our school is a K-12 school (students 5-18 yrs old); it's new built in 2000/2001. We have just started aquaculture and are looking at some mini sized projects including growing octopus.
The Aquaculture Research Centre has both salt and fresh water species and although specialist subjects such as Aquaculture Technology and Marine Studies are run WE encourage access by all classes, subject K-12. We are looking at sustainability and we are all amazed at the consumption of octopus and how they are farmed, harvested etc. We hope that we can contribute towards some knowledge in this area. We are looking for any help/advice that anyone can give.

Well, a hearty "welcome" !!! from all of us, I am sure ! What a wonderful school !

Wonderful school, indeed. I wish I lived in Australia.

Australia - where cephs thrive, and where monitor lizards invade your picnic, rather than ants.

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