mountains of madness radio show

well, I paid my $10 and downloaded the mp3, but haven't listened yet... I'll give a review when I do, but I have a very busy schedule for the next week, so don't hold your breath.
Tintenfisch;106262 said:
Mine too!

Hey Kat!! :biggrin2: How's things? It's been a while, my friend.

I think the Elder Things might be one of my fave Mythos beasties:smile: It's funny how Lovecraft actually took a sympathetic stance with them, instead of being just alien monsters; it's the part where he talks about how one of them would (without giving too much away) have felt "waking up" to all the panic around it, and how it would quite rightly be scared and distressed.

and the line that went something like "they were scientists just as we are", or something like that. Makes you realise that no matter how bizzarre Lovecrafts' (and others') creations are, not all of them evil (in fact very few of them are, they just think on a much highrer scale than we do).
Clem;106334 said:
The banality of Elders? Reminds me of a few members of a certain high-IQ club.

Lovecraft should work very well as radio theater, better than cinema in some ways.


I hope that editor uses this in her resignation:

"Please accept my resignation. I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member" - Groucho Marx
Well, I think I got my $10 of enjoyment out of the mp3 by listening to it by flickering lamplight during a midnight power failure. I enjoyed it, but not quite as much as the book.

Of course, in this setting The Haunter of the Dark might have been a better choice...

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