most common sqid used for food

Mar 19, 2005
hi i was wondering wut species of sqid is used for making calamarie and is it threatened in any way because of this. and also wut type of octopus is usd to make japeneese sushi called tako and is it treatened in any way.
It also depends on where in the world you are! In NZ we use the arrow squids either Nototodarus sloanii or N. gouldi and sometimes the broad squid Sepioteuthis australis. There is no official info on what effect this has on the populations but I would hazard a guess that numbers are declining and certainly size of animals is. Given that most squid spawn very late (either terminal spawning or batch spawning in the last month or so) there almost has to be an effect.


Species of Loligo and Illex make up a lot of the squid used as food. For more details, see:
Squid reproduce fast and I'm not so worried about them (although some are fished off their spawning grounds).

Nautilus I am more worried about, they are more like elephants (long time to maturity, few offspring, long life spans) than weeds. Steve, I read a web page that said you were getting some population and growth data for Nautilus - true?
ceph said:
Squid reproduce fast and I'm not so worried about them (although some are fished off their spawning grounds).

Hmmmmm not entirely sure I agree. Most of my samples are from commercial catches and around 80-90% of them were immature (Lipinski stage 3 or less). They represented random samples from typical catches. This can't be good! (I agree about Nautilus tho !!!!)

In Australia the main species is Sepiotheuthis australis, otherwise known as the southern calamari. In Tasmaina, they put a moritorium on squid fishing in certain areas known to be breeding grounds. Dont remember how long for. Anyway, I know there are ongoing studies into the breeding and longevity of different potential commercial species. There is quite a bit of debate on the longevity of cephalopods, in particular squid. It is apparent they have linear growth, but some work in the US has suggested that there might be two phases to this. This could have implications for fisheries and management. Anyway, there is plenty of work to be done in this area.

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