More Pudge Pictures

Aug 6, 2003
Here's some more pictures of my octo Pudge. They were taken about two weeks ago, so I've added a few more good pieces of rock since then and my R/O filter. Now he takes the Simpsons in to his den, he makes a game out of it and trys to see how many he can fit in ( the record is three with two marbles.) He goes out the back door/hole then takes it all out. These pictures suck too, though they're not as bad as the last one.
Hi Nick,

dont worry, I'm not missing the point, but that is a nice big startfish.... what sepcies is it? Linckia?
Pudge now "pole dances". He swings around the pole in the tank a few times, then returns to his den. Then he does it again.

I'll get some pictures of it once I buy more film.

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