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Missing Suckers


Staff member
Moderator (Staff)
Sep 4, 2006
Cape Coral, FL
Has anyone else had an octopus with a leg that is completely missing maybe two-three rows of suckers? Trapper has a place close to the mantle on one leg like this. Would it be where a leg was lost and then regrown? I believe regrowing a leg will align the suckers differently at the new growth but these are completely missing.
I've seen new growth o couple of times on an octo, and it is pretty obvious as to when a arm was regrown and when it is just a few suckers. I imagine that there would be scarring in most cases even after the arm has grown to proportion with the rest of it.
There is another arm the I am sure was regrown. This arm does not look like it was super glued back on without quite aligning everything like the other arm and some of the pictures I have seen. It just has missing suckers, otherwise it looks smooth, aligned and nomal which is why I found it so different.
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