Meso Query


Blue Ring
Apr 5, 2003
are the razors on the Meso's tentacles easily visible, alive or dead? There has been some discussion about sailors tales lack of description on these, and yet it just struck me that if they are either hidden or not usually deployed, it may explain the lack of tales...

sorry for the poor sentance structure, am quite sleepy :)

Sorry, this question seemed to have slipped by us. The hooks are plainly visible when dead, and I would imagine similarly so when alive.

I do not understand why this animal has been so poorly reported in popular literature and mythology. People simply accepted Architeuthis to be the largest because all web pages, dictionaries, text books and documentaries said it was (nobody was openly saying otherwise; not that anyone really listens). To date I don't think anyone has pitched Mesonychoteuthis to a documentary company as an alternative to Architeuthis, but I think we'll see a shift in emphasis soon.

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