Melissa off-line April 27 - May ??

Apr 3, 2003
Hi gang

I've been quiet because I'm cleaning up to leave NYC for a little while. I take off next Tuesday. I won't be able to follow the site for the first week I'm away, academic things will take all my time. After that, you'll hear from me in Hong Kong and Bangkok. :mrgreen:

Just in case I forget to say it later:


Have fun!
Should be a blast ! Be sure to hit the "Bottoms Up" club ! :biggrin2:
Cool runnings...

Make sure to balance work with play!

Maybe someone in the markets will make you some nice octopus and squid shaped jewellery, they seem to make everything else.

Have fun

Have a great time Melissa! I'd avoid North Korea at the moment though....


Phil :boat:
Greetings from Hong Kong!

I'll try to be online for the chat. HOng Kong is full of seafood. Street vendors have skewers full of tentacles. The tentacles have been cut off so I can't say whether they are octo or squid. Probably all of the above. I've stuck to other seafood for the most part.

I'll be off line for most of the next week, until I'm settled in an apartment.

8) the Internet rocks. Say hi to Hong Kong for us Melissa! (I think we have some Hong Kong members here too, don't we? Maybe at one time...)

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