Megas update for Nancy


Jul 27, 2004
Well its been a good run
Megas is a blast to have a round but i think hes on his way to the hills
had him for 4 months that makes my age guess on him at 7 months
1 week ago i gave him a cray fish
he attacked it but let it go
he did that like 4 times
i finnaly took the Crayfish out and gave him a Frozen shrimp which he ate. he has been reclusive since then.
today i got worried and reached into the castle to poke him to make sure he is ok
he sort of just fell out of the castle.
one tip of his arm is missing and he looks like crap
he is half white on one side and brownish white on the other
lets me just reach in and pick him up.
i am running full chemicals on the tank to see if there is anythning i can adjust.
Hope he will be ok but he really looks like crap.
any ideas for a rescue here?
Ok My Ammonia is WAY high something spiked it.
Water Change is the correct course here right?
I have looked for dead foods but cant find any and i always remove the carcases of past food.
i have a Sand Bed and he was digging last week could that do it?
i have noticed a massive amount of little white fuzzy things that are clinging to everything i just thought they were like amphipod eggs or something
any one know what they really are?
Sounds like the white fuzzy things are small sponges. They commonly come into tanks on live rock.

Shame the octo isn't doing so well. yes, water changes are the correct course of action here. But you should also keep looking for the cause. Perhaps stirring the sand bed might have released some gasses?

If the ammonia is dangerously high then I'd be aiming for a 50% water change today if you get the salt mixture stirred up and aerated, remember to use a dechlorinator if not using RO water. Then Id be looking at a 20% water change on days 3 and 5, to hopefully dilute enough and get the filters times to catch up. What filtration do you use?

hope this helps
Now i feel like crap
sent the wife out immediatly for 50 gallons of water and enough salt to get it mixed
used the 4 gals i had on hand immediatly. searched the tank under every rock for anything that might have caused it.
found a white mass attached to the under side of one rock seems to be a huge colony of those little white fuzzy things. Wife came home with some chemical soup that is supposed to rip ammonia out of the water quick
used that first and then went to look at megas again
he was breathing but he was all stiff and his legs were rigid.
looked like he was in a coma.
he breathed more reguallry if i played with his arms but soon even that failed make him breathe.
i buried him in the yard under the Willow trees.
i emailed Jim to see what he has
but i dont know about another octo so soon
specially since i basicly killed this one.
i should have checked all the chemicals as soon as he didn't kill that crayfish
that was out of character for him and i knew it.
Sorry the octo died...what level did the ammonia spike to?
Also, you might want to take some of those white objects down to your lfs and make sure they aren't stinging anemones, the bane of every reef tank !
Next, make sure that the chemical compound you used is safe for invertebrates...many of them aren't.
How deep is your sand bed? I tend to keep mine fairly thin, to prevent anaerobic decay...that way, you avoid tank crashes a little better.
Bummed about the loss,
Ammonia went to .8
Sand bed is 1-1 1.5 in some places
have no idea what those damn white things are
too bummed to even mess with it now
the stuff Wendy got said safe for all manner of inverts and reef safe to boot.

was looking at a tortise
or a Sugar Glider
or a serval cat
something that lives for 10-12 YEARS not months :(
It's so hard losing the octo you're so attached to. Yes, you can get a reptile or a fish or something else, and it will live longer - but you won't have the remarkable experience you do with your octopus.

It's too early to think of putting anything in the tank until you get these problems solved and the tank back to stability.

Sorry about your loss.


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